Social Events

Yay! Celebration time.......

For parents who want their child’s birthday party a big hit

For the family moments you don’t want to miss because you’re busy planning them…

For the couple who wants to balance tradition with their unique style…

For artists to express their talent

And for all those who want show someone special their love and surprise...

The show makers, we’ll help you bring people together for unforgettable reunions, birthday parties, family get together and special occasions. Our talented staff will partner with you to design the ideal social event, ensuring your guests feel more than welcome with unique spaces, creative themes and excellent food. We work for perfection to bring wow factor to your event and memories worth sharing......

We love putting up a perfect & colourful show, we plan, prepare, design and execute event your style. Our experts know it all better; yes we do it your style.

We offer wide range of social event services

  • Wedding planner
  • Birthday parties
  • Family get-together
  • Theatre and drama
  • Dance shows
  • Folk and literary events
  • Picnics, trips and tours